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Waldorf Homeschool Kindergarten Activities: Clapping Game

Updated: May 1, 2023

Here is a Waldorf kindergarten homeschool activity you can use for your kindergarten curriculum. A clapping game such as this one is for the older kindergartener and is best taught slowly. We all have our hands palm up, the right hand resting on top of our neighbor’s left hand. That alone takes some practice and focus as the children are learning which hand is which (intellectual realm). Keeping to the rhythm of the song comes more easily for the young child (feeling realm). And finally moving through the activity: waiting for one’s neighbor to pat your right hand whereby you then pass it to the friend on the left is exercising the will, feeling and intellect of the child in a fun way. A number can be chosen that will fall on one player, then he or she can be the first to begin the next round.

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