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First Grade Painting Course

Simple, easy to follow painting lessons!

Course Overview

This course is for parents and teachers in any educational setting who want to bring Painting to first graders. The course is composed of 36 painting lessons that take you from start to finish for each of the 36 paintings. In addition, there are primer lessons to help you understand the materials and techniques used in first grade painting. There are also lessons for how to look back at and review the paintings you have completed with your student(s) so that they will feel good about their creative process and so that they continue to develop positive self-esteem.  

What you will learn:

  • How to work with the materials: wet paper, watercolors, brush, painting rag/sponge

  • How to guide paintings through a "color story" process, by either using the 36 lessons provided in this course, or by taking those lessons as examples and creating your own

  • How to support the creative process so that children feel joyful and at ease rather than stressed and/or disappointed

  • How to review artwork in ways that support openness and imagination rather than judgment and critique, thus fostering a child's sense of self and accomplishment in a positive way.

  • To understand that the way we teach any subject, even watercolor painting, can support the first grader in ways far beyond the activity of painting, because you will begin to see this process on a deeper level

What you will receive:

  • A thorough materials list (provided below)

  • A video preview of the materials listed

  • A course introduction and overview

  • Primer lessons to understand and practice the wet-on-wet watercolor techniques

  • An explanation of how we use simple color-stories to engage the first grade student in creative and playful ways

  • 36 painting lessons that guide you from start to finish for 36 paintings

  • Lessons for how to look back at and review paintings

  • Additional videos that delve into fundamental pedagogical topics

  • Additional articles that explore various pedagogical considerations

What you will need:

  • Materials:

    • Pigments

    • Painting Board

    • Watercolor Paper

    • Paint Brush

    • Painting Rag

    • Water Container

    • (optional) A container for soaking the paper.  (I have sometimes used the bath tub instead.)

  • A well-lit area for painting

Who is this course for:

​This course is for homeschool parent-educators as well as teachers in a more traditional setting--or anyone anywhere in between.

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Course Content

Start Here

First Grade Painting: Introduction and Overview

Materials Needed for Painting

Primer Lessons for Watercolor Painting

How to Review Paintings with Students

Painting Lessons

Lesson 1: Yellow Meets Blue

Lesson 2: Blue Looks for Yellow

Lesson 3: Red Around Yellow

Lesson 4: Yellow Around Red

Lesson 5: Blue Rests

Lesson 6: Two Friends, Blue and Red

Lesson 7: Holding Hands in a Circle: Yellow, Red, Blue

Lesson 8: Holding Hands in a Circle: Blue, Yellow, Red

Lesson 9: Holding Hands in a Circle: Red, Blue, Yellow

Lesson 10: Friendship Grows

Lesson 11: Red Feels Very Energetic
Lesson 12: Blue and Red Go Skipping Together

Lesson 13: Celebrating Yellow's Birthday

Lesson 14: Lifting Each Other's Spirits

Lesson 15: Short Visits

Lesson 16: Playing Together on a Warm Day

Lesson 17: Three Friends Playing on a Hill

Lesson 18: Sliding into the Stream

Lesson 19: Caring for a Friend Who is Feeling Low

Lesson 20: Another Chance to Slide

Lesson 21: Sometimes Daydreaming, Sometimes Leaping

Lesson 22: Hanging in the Sky

Lesson 23: Giving Red a Birthday Cap

Lesson 24: Finding Hope

Lesson 25: Playing on the Monkey-Bars

Lesson 26: Spinning Inward

Lesson 27: Dancing Together

Lesson 28: So Much Fun Romping Around

Lesson 29: Understanding How Feelings Come and Go

Lesson 30: Splashing in the Waves

Lesson 31:  How Friends Affect Each Other Sometimes

Lesson 32: Playing Until You Feel Worn Out

Lesson 33: Climbing Higher and Higher

Lesson 34: Swimming and Flying

Lesson 35: Learning to Swim Underwater

Lesson 36: Friends Inspiring One Another

Additional Resources

Pedagogical Videos

Pedagogical Articles

Appreciation Message

Waldorf First Grade Painting Course Overview

Waldorf Painting Course

First Grade

This course includes 36 painting lessons for the core Waldorf First Grade Curriculum. You are on your way to simple, easy to use lessons. Once you purchase the course you will have access to all of the videos and can begin your Waldorf journey now!


Waldorf homeschool painting lessons for a Waldorf homeschool curriculum
Rev Bowen Waldorf Educator_edited.jpg

Meet Our Course Creator

Rev Bowen, also co-founder of Simply Waldorf, is a seasoned Waldorf grades teacher. 

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