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New To Waldorf Homeschool

You have probably purchased the Waldorf curriculum and are wondering how you are ever going to make this work. We are here to help.

>> Below you will find 5 short videos that will get you up and running with your new Waldorf homeschool. <<


What are Simply Waldorf courses?

Yea!! You found us. Now you might be interested in taking some of our courses. If you are wondering what a course is--and we will be adding more and more courses, watch this video for a simple explanation.

What is a Main Lesson?
~ or ~
What is a lesson block? 

If you are new to Waldorf education, or just interested in learning more about it, this video briefly outlines the concepts of the daily main lesson and the multiple-week main lesson block.

Setting Up A Homeschool Space.jpg

Setting Up for Class
(Desk? Chair? Etc.)

This video is primarily aimed at those who are setting up for homeschool activities. Tips include how to appropriately size a table/desk and a chair/stool/bench. We also look at light sources as well as the basic materials needed for Waldorf homeschooling.

Journey vs Destination

The old expression "Journey vs Destination" is an important distinction to consider when taking the path of teaching. We take a lot of pressure off of ourselves and our students/children when we embrace the journey. It is actually a fundamentally important conviction for the teacher.

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