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Singing Easy Songs Course - Level 1

Simple, easy to follow singing lessons!

Course Overview

This course is for anyone who would like to learn easy new songs.  These songs cover a variety of simple topics and are nice to add to your repertoire!  You can have them to share with others whenever you might have that desire.

This is a beginning level singing course. The course is composed of 36 lessons. Each lesson takes you from start to finish with a single, new simple song. The themes are simple, often inspired by nature, but also ranging from bedtime songs, mealtime blessings, and even bubble baths! Young children will especially enjoy them!


The lessons in this course have been extracted straight from the "Recorder Flute - Level 1" course lessons, for those who want to learn new simple songs, but have no interest in learning to play the recorder.


Some portions of the lessons are preserved with the recorder flute being played, so that students can hear the pure tones of the melodies. However, there is no portion of the actual recorder flute instruction in the video lessons for this singing course. Instead, there are only the portions of the recorder flute being played and the singing of the songs.


This is a course of new, simple songs that a student can learn with daily practice. This is NOT a course of vocal training or vocal development. This course is not designed to expand a vocalist's range, improve their timbre, or any of the other more technical and/or professional aspects of vocal training. It is just a fun little collection of songs that are fun to sing solo and even more fun to sing with others.

What you will learn:

  • 36 simple songs that are easy, varied, and fun!

  • You will develop greater sensitivity to tones.

  • You will become more adept at simple rhythms so that you can "keep time" more skillfully in music, singing or otherwise

  • Using the song to help develop your "musical ear" so that music is natural and fun.

  • The benefits of regular daily practice vs. occasional practice

What you will receive:

  • A course overview and description

  • 36 lessons, each covering a new easy song

What you will need:

  • A willingness to sing and have fun learning new songs.

  • A positive attitude, because we all make mistakes and it is part of the journey!

Who is this course for:

This course is for anyone who wants to learn some simple new songs.  The lessons are suitable for any age group, from young student to teens to adults.

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Course Content

Start Here

Introduction and Overview

Materials List

Singing Lessons

Lesson 1: Caterpillar

Lesson 2: Rain Song - Pt 1

Lesson 3: Rain Song - Pt 2

Lesson 4: Snug and Warm

Lesson 5: Pickle Song

Lesson 6: Autumn Time

Lesson 7: Skipping

Lesson 8: Growing

Lesson 9: Jumprope

Lesson 10: Jack Frost

Lesson 11: Honeybee

Lesson 12: Kitty Cat Wants to Pounce

Lesson 13: Love is Like the Sun

Lesson 14: Evening and Morning

Lesson 15: Hoo Hoo

Lesson 16: Pennies in the Fountain

Lesson 17: Snowman

Lesson 18: A Pile of Leaves

Lesson 19: The Stream

Lesson 20: Dandelion Bright

Lesson 21: Tree House

Lesson 22: Bubble Bath

Lesson 23: See the Clouds

Lesson 24: Song of Gratitude

Lesson 25: Song of the Wind

Lesson 26: Grant Me Eagle Eyes

Lesson 27: The Mustangs

Lesson 28: A Good Book

Lesson 29: Bless This Meal

Lesson 30: May Love Be Your Guide

Lesson 31: Squirrels and Acorns

Lesson 32: Playful Moon

Lesson 33: Sharing Treasure

Lesson 34: Farewell Winter, Welcome Spring

Lesson 35: Wonder

Lesson 36: It's Time to Plant the Corn

Additional Resources

Pedagogical Articles

Appreciation Message

Waldorf Singing Level One Course Description

Singing Course

First Grade/Level 1

This course includes 36 singing lessons for the core Waldorf First Grade Curriculum or as a standalone course for beginner singers. You are on your way to simple, easy to use lessons. Once you purchase the course you will have access to all of the videos and can begin your Waldorf journey now!


Waldorf first grade or beginner singing course
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Meet Our Course Creator

Rev Bowen, also co-founder of Simply Waldorf, is a seasoned Waldorf grades teacher. 

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