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Second Grade Storytelling Course

Simple, easy to follow main lesson stories!

Course Overview

This course is designed to help you become a better storyteller. Yes, it would be possible to simply show these stories to students, because they are presented in full as  if being told to an audience.  However, we hope that most will attempt to tell the stories because it is such a lively experience to share that process with children young and old.


The telling of and listening to the story is the foundation of almost all of the work done in Waldorf education. So, when we are able to tell stories in a way that supports the imagination process, we give the student the best possible foundation on which to build.

This is an important point to fully appreciate.  We are attempting to support the child's imaginative process, the inner activity of building the images, the scenes, and events within a story.  By contrast, we are NOT attempting to merely entertain the child.  When we try to entertain, we make ourselves too much of the focal point.  Instead, it is far more beneficial if our storytelling is in service to the student's inner, creative process. The student needs to be involved in two worlds.  They have "one foot in this world" listening to the story we tell, and "another foot in their inner world" where they engage in the wonderful activity of imagination.  If we take an undue amount of the child's focus, we actually distract their attention from what is far more important.

These 36 complete story presentations will demonstrate the skills and techniques gradually so that you can practice and improve with ease and confidence, while also supporting the student's imagination--and your own!

What you will learn:

  • How to read and prepare a story for presentation

  • How to "learn" a story rather than "memorize" it

  • The use of a simple storytelling opening and closing

  • Simple gestures and how to use them to enliven stories, events, and characters

  • To appeal to the five physical senses in order to engage imagination

  • What the four temperaments are and how to incorporate them into a story in order to engage your audience

What you will receive:

  • 36 Video Lessons--complete story presentations.

  • Each of the 36 lessons includes a written explanation of the storytelling skills that will be demonstrated in that story.   

  • A complete Second Grade Block Rotation which will help you see how the stories work with the language arts and math lesson blocks over the course of the entire second grade year.

  • Additional resources, video and PDF articles, to deepen your understanding of the course and of Waldorf education

Who is this course for:

​This course is for homeschool parent-educators as well as teachers in a more traditional setting--or anyone anywhere in between.

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Course Content

Start Here

Second Grade Storytelling Introduction & Overview

What is a Course in Simply Waldorf?

How to Use These Video Lessons

Main Lesson and the Main Lesson Block

A Second Grade Block Rotation

Setting Up Your Classroom

The Importance of Stories and Storytelling

Tips and Techniques for Learning Stories

2nd Grade Stories for Main Lesson Blocks 1 (Language Arts) and 2 (Math)

Lesson One: Bat and Weasel

Lesson Two: Hare and Tortoise

Lesson Three: Servant and Lion

Lesson Four: Donkey's Burden

Lesson Five: Sun and North Wind

Lesson Six: The Astronomer

Lesson Seven: Two Roosters

Lesson Eight: Rooster, Donkey, and Lion

2nd Grade Stories for Main Lesson Blocks 3 (Language Arts) and 4 (Math)

Lesson Nine: Fox and Grapes

Lesson Ten: Vengeful Farmer

Lesson Eleven: The War-Horse

Lesson Twelve: Foolish Shepherd

Lesson Thirteen: Donkey in Lion's Skin

Lesson Fourteen: Goose That Laid Golden Eggs

Lesson Fifteen: The Milkmaid

Lesson Sixteen: Fox and Crow

2nd Grade Stories for Main Lesson Blocks 5 (Language Arts) and 6 (Math)

Lesson Seventeen: Peacock and Juno

Lesson Eighteen: Olive Tree and Fig Tree

Lesson Nineteen: George and the Dragon

Lesson Twenty: Jerome and Brother Lion

Lesson Twenty-One: Francis Falls in Love

Lesson Twenty-Two: Francis Speaks to Animals

Lesson Twenty-Three: A Sign for Sister Clare

Lesson Twenty-Four: Martin's Cloak

2nd Grade Stories for Lesson Blocks 7 (Language Arts) and 8 (Math)

Lesson Twenty-Five: Martin and the Robbers

Lesson Twenty-Six: Martin's Monastery

Lesson Twenty-Seven: Elizabeth's Roses

Lesson Twenty-Eight: Elizabeth and the Leper

Lesson Twenty-Nine: Odilia's Light

Lesson Thirty: Agnes Walks Through Fire

Lesson Thirty-One: Brigid's Journey

Lesson Thirty-Two: Veronica's Cloth

2nd Grade Stories for Main Lesson Blocks 9 (Language Arts) and 10 (Math)

Lesson Thirty-Three: Emma's Most Precious Possession

Lesson Thirty-Four: Margaret and the Dragon

Lesson Thirty-Five: The Giant, Christopher

Lesson Thirty-Six: Benedict's Spring

Bonus Fables

Bonus Fable One: Clown and Farmer

Bonus Fable Two: Vain Bull

Bonus Fable Three: Two Frogs

Bonus Fable Four: Boastful Traveler

Bonus Fable Five: Wolf and His Shadow

Bonus Fable Six: Greedy Lion

Bonus Fable Seven: Stubborn Mule

Bonus Fable Eight: Ants and Grasshopper

Bonus Fable Nine: Lion and Mouse

Bonus Fable Ten: Dog and Reflection

Additional Resources

Pedagogical Videos

Pedagogical Articles

Appreciation Message

Waldorf Second Grade Storytelling Course Overview

Waldorf Storytelling Course

Second Grade

This course includes 36 stories from the saints (good people) and fables of many cultures in the world. You are on your way to simple, easy to use lessons. Once you purchase the course you will have access to all of the videos and can begin your Waldorf journey now!


Waldorf homeschool 2nd grade storytelling lessons for a Waldorf homeschool curriculum
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Meet Our Course Creator

Rev Bowen, also co-founder of Simply Waldorf, is a seasoned Waldorf grades teacher. 

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