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Mission Statement -
Our mission is to offer practical support and guidance for all types of Waldorf inspired education, from the school-based educator to the homeschooling parent-educator and anyone in between.  Our goal is to offer curricular and pedagogical insights that will benefit any and all of these educational endeavors.

Simply Waldorf mission is to offer practical support and guidance for all types of Waldorf education


My name is Rev Bowen.  While working for 22 years at a small Waldorf school, I helped create and grow all-new homeschooling classes and programs for families like you.  I worked with many parent-educators who wanted to imbue their homeschooling efforts with Waldorf inspired curriculum. During those years, I earned just how much our training and experiences in Waldorf education could support and enhance those families’ homeschooling endeavors.


Naturally every educator is at their own particular place along the path they have chosen.  Based on experience, familiarity, training, and many other factors, the needs can and do vary widely among educators of all kinds. 


Therefore, I work to provide clear curricular and pedagogical support that will meet your particular needs.  The beauty of Waldorf education is that, by placing the child and child development at the center of all considerations, the lessons become quite simple.  Therefore, if you are new to Waldorf, you will find simple and practical lessons to support your efforts.  Likewise, if you have more familiarity, you can access deeper support and insights for your efforts.


Like every educator, from the traditional school teacher to the homeschool teacher, Simply Waldorf is also on a journey.  The programs and lessons will be growing and developing constantly.  From the video lessons, to articles and podcasts, we will share and explore wide-ranging topics with you. From basic lesson examples and practical lesson planning, the curricula will help anyone get started.  One will also be able to find resources extending into deeper pedagogical insights such as child development, temperaments, the incorporation of movement to support lessons, the balance of academics with artistic activities, and more!


I am happy you have found Simply Waldorf and I am excited to work with you so that you find the curricula and support you are seeking!


Rev Bowen Master Waldorf Teacher

Rev Bowen

B.A. English, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 1996
Waldorf Grades Teaching Certificate, Rudolf Steiner College, 2000
M.A. Human Development, St Mary's University, 2004

Co-owner and Creative Director for Simply Waldorf...

Lynne Poirier Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher_edited_edited.jpg

Lynne Poirier

Early Childhood Teacher/Content Creator

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Noelle Thompson

Early Childhood Teacher/Content Creator

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