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Webinar: The Role of Arts in Neurological, Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Development

Join us for this webinar on the role of the arts in neurological, physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Join Rev Bowen of Simply Waldorf to explore the importance of the various arts and how these support the developing human being on many different levels. We will look at the ways in which each type of art form supports and develops the human being, and thereby come to a greater understanding of why the "well-rounded" or "holistic" education is not simply nice and enjoyable, but also critical in developing the full human capacity in the world today--and tomorrow.

Webinar guests will...

--hear modern research related to various artistic activities and how these support human development in myriad ways

--gain a clearer understanding for the role of various arts in education

--learn how easy it can be to incorporate the arts into any type of curriculum

--understand the differences between "capacities" and "skills"

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