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Familiar With Waldorf Homeschool?

Below we have complied a list of resources that should serve those familiar with Waldorf homeschool education.

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What are Simply Waldorf courses?

Yea!! You found us. Now you might be interested in taking some of our courses. If you are wondering what a course is--and we will be adding more and more courses, watch this video for a simple explanation.

Form and Freedom

Health of any kind is a dynamic balance. Just as we need not too much and not too little of a given vitamin, we have to balance certain things in order to teach in healthy ways. In balance, our lessons are the right balance of information, of challenge, of joy, of work, of play, of rigor, etc, etc. A simple but profound way of exploring balance is to look at the dynamic range between form and freedom.

Learning Stories

Should you try to memorize stories? Let's take another angle and consider learning them imaginatively.

Journey vs Destinination

The old expression "Journey vs Destination" is an important distinction to consider when taking the path of teaching. We take a lot of pressure off of ourselves and our students/children when we embrace the journey. It is actually a fundamentally important conviction for the teacher.

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