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First Grade Math Tips & Tricks Course

Course Overview

This tips and tricks course can be used to support any first grade Waldorf math lesson and especially to augment the course titled "First Grade Math". First Grade math is a main lesson course that provides you with example lessons for introducing concepts and patterns, as well as a bit of practice work.  This tips and tricks course complements the main lesson work with more of the daily practice outside that really helps students practice those things that have already been introduced.


In this course, you will find some example songs for learning number patterns.  Tips about how to create and use flash cards for the addition and subtraction math facts as well as the multiplication and division tables.  There is a lesson about creating and using cards that work with patterns and number groupings.  There are examples of how to play games with numbered playing cards, dice, and dominoes that help strengthen the student's math skills in playful ways.  There are also tips about how to begin the journey of mental math work (yes, even in first grade).


Taken altogether, these tips and tricks give the teacher a nice set of activities to use on a daily basis.  The teacher will also have the freedom to develop more activities and games from this foundation.


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