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Third Grade Math Course

Simple, easy to follow math lessons!

Course Overview

This course is designed to cover several basic math skills, such as:

  • Continued progress with carrying in multiple-digit addition

  • Continued progress with borrowing in multiple-digit subtraction

  • Multiplication with double-digit multipliers

  • Introduction and development of long division, with and without remainders

  • Telling time on an analog clock and understanding its relationship to the movement of sun and shadows

  • Understanding units of time and conversions of units

  • Understanding measurement and conversions with linear units

  • Understanding measurement and conversions with units of volume, standard and metric

  • Understanding the use of coin and paper money, reading and writing expressions, calculations, making change

  • Understanding weight measurements, units of weight, and conversions

The 100 lessons in this course are derived from the stories told in the "Third Grade Stories" course. Those two courses, along with "third Grade Language Arts" compose the Third Grade Core Bundle of Main Lesson work.

These courses are designed as resources for the adult educator, making it easy to present the lessons to the child/student. In order to make this process as easy as possible, much of the lessons are presented as if a student would be following along.

This course includes valuable resources such as academic goals, goals timelines, pedagogical videos and pedagogical articles.

This course includes one dual-focus block of lessons which combines the use of math and the practical activities of cooking to bring measurements and conversions into meaningful and practical application to enhance learning.

What you will learn:

  • You will see how I use simple imaginations, most often from from the "Third Grade Stories" course to derive math lessons that will engage students with more interest and meaningfulness

  • How to relate the four processes to one another so that the child can see the mathematical activity in different ways

  • How to work with patterns to reinforce their sense of order in the world and how that order is expressed in numbers

  • How to work with activities that bring real experiences of numbers and measurements which then easily translate to numerical skills on paper 

  • How to build mathematical skills one step at a time to optimize learning and confidence

  • How to review previously learned skills and concepts so that the lessons are retained

What you will receive:

  • 100 Video Math Lessons--complete math lessons (derived most often from the stories in the "Third Grade Stories" course).

  • Suggestions for how to adjust these lessons to the abilities of the students

  • A complete list of Third Grade Math Goals from Simply Waldorf

  • A complete Third Grade Year Block Rotation--this can be used as a guideline or simply as an example. It will help you understand how the math and language arts blocks fit together over the course of a school year.

  • Additional resources, video and PDF articles, to deepen your understanding of the course and of Waldorf education

What you will need:

  • Block crayons

  • Colored pencils

  • Graphite pencils

  • A pad of sketch paper

These items will cover the standard lessons of the math blocks.  There is also a three-week block of math work combined with the practical activity of food / cooking.  Naturally, if you choose to cook with your third grader, then there are many specific supplies for that block.  

There are a few other lessons, such as lesson 166 in which I demonstrate the creation of a homemade scale for comparative weighing.  Materials needed are listed in those blocks and courses independently.  

Who is this course for:

​This course is for homeschool parent-educators as well as teachers in a more traditional setting--or anyone anywhere in between.

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Course Content

Waldorf Third Grade Math Course Overview

Waldorf Math Course

Third Grade

This course, of 100 total math lessons, will demonstrate clear and meaningful math lessons that will be fun and engaging while building skills and confidence along the way. Once you purchase the course you will have access to all of the videos and can begin your Waldorf journey now!


Waldorf homeschool second grademath lessons for a Waldorf homeschool curriculum
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Meet Our Course Creator

Rev Bowen, also co-founder of Simply Waldorf, is a seasoned Waldorf grades teacher. 

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