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Waldorf Homeschool Activities: Waldorf Balance Beam and Math Counting By

Updated: May 1, 2023

Looking for Waldorf homeschool activities to do with your student or child? Counting by one's, counting by two's, and so on--these can be combined with crossing the balance beam. I count forward as I walk forward. I count backward as I walk backward. In this video, we count by two's. If I wanted to count higher, I would just take smaller steps. This will not only help with balance, it will also reinforce the counting pattern in a dynamic way for the child. If the child gains real mastery with this activity, then try it by hopping on one foot forward and on one foot backward. Then use the other foot for hopping forward and backward. Most children find this kind of challenge quite rewarding! Parents and teachers can participate as well. When you fall, remember that your reaction models how they will deal with their own "errors". So, be sure and enjoy the whole process, even the falls! It is so helpful to be able to laugh at ourselves in such moments. Otherwise, we have a tendency to get a bit uptight and take things too seriously.

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