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Waldorf Homeschool Activities: Balance Beam for Early Grades I

Updated: May 1, 2023

Looking for Waldorf homeschool activities that are developmentally appropriate? It is easy to make a balance beam out of common backyard materials. In this video, we used a couple of 2-inch by 6-inch boards, about 8 feet long. The boards are doubled for strength to support an adult. A child would be fine on a single board. The boards are supported by three cinder blocks which raise the the boards about 10 inches off the ground. This is a nice starting height, not too high. If the child has trouble, start with the board on the ground and raise it gradually, little by little. Once it is ready there are three beginning stages of balance beam crossing. Start by walking forward. Then walk the balance beam backward. When these are done with confidence, advance to hopping across the beam on one foot. Moving across a beam helps the child develop better balance. Good balance is an essential capacity for more advanced movements as the child grows and develops. When the child can do all of these with confidence, you can begin to incorporate other elements, such as we demonstrate in the next videos.

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