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The Importance of Play in Waldorf Homeschooling 

A Free webinar on incorporating play into your homeschool rhythm.

By the end of this webinar you will feel confident in

  • Understanding the role of play in physical development

  • Understanding the role of play in academic learning

  • How to find and/or recognize playful moments even during focused work

  • Using play as a form of conversation

  • Allowing playfulness to bring "breath" to our lesson, and to release pressure

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Rev Bowen,
Co-Founder & Creative Director at Simply Waldorf

After graduating with a BA in English (1996), Rev completed his Waldorf Grades Teacher training at the Rudolf Steiner College in 2000. He taught as a grades teacher for 18 years, taking two classes from first to eighth grades and one class for seventh and eighth grades. During those early teaching years, he completed his M.A. in Human Development through St. Mary’s University (2004). From 2018 - 2020, Rev served as the Pedagogical Director of the school’s College of Teachers and then spent time as the School Administrator. He currently hard at work developing courses for Simply Waldorf.

In this one hour live Zoom event, you will hear a presentation from Rev Bowen on the importance of play in Waldorf homeschooling, followed by a fifteen minute interview/discussion with Lynne Poirier, who has taught in Waldorf grades and Waldorf Early Childhood for twenty-five years.  Then we will have an open forum discussion with participants, answering any questions you may have, either related to the topic of play or on any other educational topic.  This is a great opportunity to hear from other parents and teachers in a low-key, and informative setting. 

Lynne Poirier Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher_edited.jpg

Lynne Poirier,
Early Childhood/ Grades Teacher & Course Creator at Simply Waldorf

In 1988, the year her oldest son, Derek, was born, is when she discovered Waldorf education. Ms. Poirier began a playgroup in her home during which time her second son, Kyle, was born. When Derek began first grade, she was hired as the Kindergarten Assistant at San Diego Waldorf School. In 1996, Ms. Poirier and her family moved to the Sierra foothills so she could attend Rudolf Steiner College. Finally realizing her goal of teaching, she began her first eight-year cycle in the fall of 1997. Ms. Poirier has graduated three classes at Live Oak (2006, 2011, and 2019). For the last three years, she has been working in Early Childhood.

The Importance of Play in Waldorf Homeschooling
Monday June 20th
12 Noon PST

Live on Zoom with Q & A 


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