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FREE Clay Modeling Lesson

Make Waldorf homeschool easier. Welcome to SIMPLY WALDORF, a site for homeschool educators. Simple, easy to use video lessons that will deepen and enrich your child's educational experience.

Simply Waldorf  caterpillar representing the simplicity of our Waldorf homeschool video lessons

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A Simple Start

Take a deep breath and relax. We are here to help make your homeschool experience an easy and successful one. Our videos are designed to step you through the Waldorf curriculum in simple easy to follow steps.  Start by choosing your familiarity with Waldorf Homeschool below:

New homeschool educator for Waldorf curriculum

Step 1: I have no idea what I am doing. - CLICK HERE

Waldorf homeschool educator familiar with Waldorf curriculum.

Step 2: I'm familiar with Waldorf homeschooling and I want to understand how your videos will work for me. - CLICK HERE

Seasoned Waldorf homeschool educator wanting to dive deeper into Waldorf curriculum.

Step 3: I'm already Waldorf homeschooling, and I want to dive deeper. -  CLICK HERE

SUPPORT ~ We Are Here For You!

We understand it can be overwhelming navigating the world of homeschool for your child(ren) when deciding on a specialized curriculum such as Waldorf education. You have questions, we have answers.

Our master Waldorf educators are here to help support you throughout the process.  We offer everything from video tutorials, educational articles on teaching Waldorf, short tips and tricks videos to responsive email support and discussion forums. We can help you make the best Waldorf homeschool program possible! 

Learn the story behind Simply Waldorf


My name is Rev Bowen, and I am the founder of Simply Waldorf.  I taught at a small Waldorf school for many years. In addition to my work with that school, I also taught and presented in various conferences and trainings to support educators of all kinds: classroom teachers, subject teachers, administrators, pedagogical directors, and homeschooling parent-educators. Read more about how Simply Waldorf started...

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Thank you for joining our Waldorf family!

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